Below is the letter to send to your Police Chief, City Council Member, or Mayor:



Trump is following through on a dangerous promise that intends to rip millions of families apart, strip federal funds from our city, and our police. There is no “wait and see.” We are all at heightened risk.

Trump has made promises for racist and religious profiling, such as creating a Muslim registry, massive deportations, and crushing political dissent. However, he can only accomplish most parts of this fascist agenda through the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), a partnership between local police departments and the local FBI office.

Our police department is working in an FBI JTTF, under a contract -- a "memorandum of understanding" (MOU) -- which gives the FBI complete control over what our police officers do and how they do it while working with the FBI. This means OUR police officers, being paid for by OUR taxes, are working for the Trump administration, not US and not OUR community.

It’s time to take back control of our local police to prevent them from doing Trump's dirty work.

I demand you to re-assert local control over our police officers working with Trump's FBI JTTF and enact an ordinance like the Safe San Francisco City Ordinance.

You can read a copy of the ordinance here:

The brilliance of the Safe San Francisco Civil Rights Ordinance is its simplicity. It is a two-page law, and its key provision asserts that the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) is allowed to participate in the JTTF, but ONLY in a way that is completely consistent with the laws of the State of California, the laws and policies of San Francisco, and SFPD’s policies, procedures, and orders. If a JTTF task breaks one of those laws, then SFPD officers are not allowed to do that task.

We must model this ordinance in our city.

Let’s make sure that anytime our local police work with the FBI, it is on our terms. Let’s make sure it is clear that our officers have to follow our locally established laws. This protects our officers, giving them something clear to point to if and when the FBI asks that they violate a state or local law. It is the officers’ duty to follow said laws; however, in all likelihood, the FBI doesn’t know or care about them.

It’s critical that ALL people in this city feel safe and fully protected. Because we’re ALL Americans, not the cartoonish enemies that Trump paints us as.

We're counting on you to take a stand for us and STOP TRUMPINTELPRO.

Remember, what happens to us, happens to you, too. We will rise or fall together.

Thank you.

A concerned [INSERT YOUR CITY NAME] resident,