Each FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) location identified on this map only indicates the city where the JTTF is physically located. Each FBI JTTF includes other federal agencies (such as ICE) and officers assigned by a variety of state and local law enforcement agencies from around the region or state.  

This map shows where the 119 JTTF and JTTF annex offices are located. If a JTTF is located in your city, it is very likely that your city's police department is participating in this FBI program. It's also likely that some other local police and sheriffs departments are participating in the same FBI JTTF as well. There are more than 500 state and local law enforcement agencies that assign officers to one of these JTTFs. The FBI has not released a comprehensive list of all the state and local agencies participating in a JTTF.

This map was created with data from the Washington Post's excellent 2010 series "Top Secret America".