Image credit: East Bay Express

Image credit: East Bay Express

By Darwin BondGraham and Ali Winston

For years, Oakland police officers have worked closely alongside the FBI, DEA, and federal immigration agents as members of tight-knit “task forces.” The Oakland Police Department shares data with the feds, and its officers are deputized to enforce federal laws as they carry out warrants and arrest suspects.

But outside of high-profile cases, and mishaps, these partnerships have garnered little attention from media and elected officials.

Now, however, the Trump administration has more critics voicing concern about the OPD’s work alongside ICE and the FBI, in particular.

“There is an inherent danger built into local task forces that has become exponentially more dangerous under the Trump administration,” argued John Crew, a retired police-practices expert with the American Civil Liberties Union. “We’re dealing with a federal government that has shown they cannot be trusted.”